As I wrote in a previous post about Building the Dream.  ErAZ van was known as the Yeraz or the Dream.  The term Yeraz or Yerazi is also used to refer to a Azerbaijani sub-group also.  The Azeri people are a clan of Azerbaijani’s from Yerevan.  The word itself can refer to those people who are not from Yerevan, I guess like myself though I am not Azerbaijani.


This interplay of words really draws me in as the idea of Yeraz which the people of Yerevan fondly refer the to ErAZ also has links to Azerbaijani clan that is predominate in Azerbaijani politics.  To this day there is an ongoing war between Armenia and Azerbaijan.  My thoughts keep reflecting on this now closed border between these two nations and the two countries with ancestry that is spread across these lands.  The mobility of the ErAZ the Yerevan dream whilst the Yerazi a displaced clan that even though not in their birth land they are still dominant in their nations organisation.  These are resilient dreams.