Monthly Archives: January 2013

I handed my dissertation in a couple of weeks ago and then jumped a flight to Austria to escape in the mountains for a week.  This week left me considering where I currently am.  This research has allowed me to reconsider and evaluate future process and attention.  Though as yet it is still not clear as to what or how exactly I will be stepping forth.

Areas that have be highlighted within this period of research are:

Liminal space and more importantly within this blurred area the idea of heterotopias existing or being present within liminality.

Within the abandoned spaces, the awareness that these spaces are both liminal yet relative.  It is this juxtaposition that highlights the potential being present.  

The idea of what that has gone or lost since the inactivity.  Yet what has appeared or has been gained in an abandoned space.

Understanding that within physical spaces, creativity can undermine the relativity of this dimensional space.  A once certain space can become fluid and contain more than once conceived.

The drifting between that which you understand and that which questions.  The ability to comprehend that some spaces clearly exist within the real whilst at times are operating within the virtual.

I am currently mulling these ideas over as I now look to experiment more and realise some works that have been brewing through this period of time.  I am currently collaborating with Urban Abandonment Projekt –  Through this site specific project I hope to respond to abandoned spaces with ambient interventions.  Drawing on the immense sensations that can occur within spaces that have been lost to society.  I am also working on studio based work that will experiment with ideas about space outlined in my dissertation as well as elements that I feel need to be brought back from these abandoned spaces.  These feelings from abandoned spaces accompanied with liminal and physical spaces intentionally become metaphors for larger themes outside of this focused paper.

overhead flume tiff 1

Current works are exploring data bending with images collected from empty spaces such as waterworld in Leith.  Creating soundscapes from the raw data image files and then in turn creating abstracted images of the once thriving swimming pool.  Another project which is in the early stages is an installation work based within an old POW camp called Cultybraggan.  This will be installed for an open weekend at the camp first weekend in June.

The research will continue as new questions arise.  Thanks for those that have been responding to posts and adding input or links to this idea of a potential being held within a disremembered space.





Through constant research it easy to become aware of our innate attachment to our landscape.  That landscape which is built and constructed by ourselves.  Yet through different eyes this created landscape can be presented in different context and particularly in a different light.  Mark Kimbers’ photographs capture those edgeland islands, empty lots and vacancy within purely functional zones.  The ghost like qualities of these spaces show their disremembered states once human activity has been removed.  Click here for his website.32moonrise