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I am finally settled into The Auxiliary here in Stockton-on-Tees, UK.  I flew back from NZ last week and traveled north on the Thursday.  I am here working on some new modes of output for sonic works.  Realising how I can install some of the glitch sound pieces and working on new processes at the same time.  Anna and Liam who run The Auxiliary have been great hosts and offer heaps of support both with introducing me to the area and equipment.  The next two months should prove to be fruitful and I am excited to see what I can accomplish in this time.

Studio Image.jpg


Today I arrived at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop where I will be artist in residence for the next three months.  It’s exciting times with this residency fitting in-between the Into the Wild residency at the Chisenhale Art Place.  After working handout overseas to fund this six month period of research of making it has finally arrived.  So far so good and I can only say the next few months should prove fruitful with a new body of work in the making.

I will have time to update this blog which for the last year has not been given much attention.  For those that are also interested in what is offered here at the Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop please follow the link as its an amazing facility.



Here are some recent photos from Beyond Tinted exhibition which took place between the 19th-23rd of November 2014 at the Modern Art Museum, Yerevan MAMY.  These works I created after participating on the ACSL artist residency here in Yerevan.  Through the support from the residency as well as ECF Labs which helped fund my time here in Yerevan.

Beyond Tinted consisted of four series of work incorporating past and present processes and mediums.  The works developed on previous themes and new concepts researched whilst here in Yerevan.

(Audio/Visual Digital Collage)

(Digital Prints)

Folded Control
(Mixed Media)

Contained Spaces
(Mixed Media Sculptures)

10348600_10154749472665018_558532457598479058_n 10352824_10154749469055018_1589276829693757951_n 1506014_10154749464930018_1150605417368157902_n



Just over a week ago I returned from Chile.  I was there teaching snowboarding which is my other profession which helps fund my art activities.  It has taken me a few days to come to terms with the last few days that I spent there as they were not like the rest of the season.  When I tried to leave the country I was denied, refused exit.  This is the first time in 16 years of travel that I have had an issue with a visa and it was a huge learning experience.  Add to this that I may have learnt some Spanish in my time there but I am no way near fluent and going through this process of being denied by the check in agent to then being asked to speak to immigration followed by the police was quite a traumatic experience.

It turned out the company I had been working for had cut a few corners and had decided to not actually pay for the correct visa and had only process a token one month work visa even though they knew I was working for them for three months.  So when I got to the airport and tried to explain that I had a visa, that I had paid tax and paid a visa fee.  It took a while for an official to explain what had actually happened.  The company I had been working for thought there would be no issue as most instructors left before their tourist visa was up.

So once I had been declined I had my passport confiscated and told that I would have to go to the main Ministry building for immigration on the Monday to see what fines I would have to pay.  This is the first time in all my travels that I have been without my passport or been left in no mans land.  It was an odd sensation and I am not sure how I feel about the days I spent in Santiago waiting to find out what the Ministry would say.  It made me consider the issues and thoughts I examine within my art practice.  These liminal states, borderless zones and wastelands where nothing but everything happens.  This time where I was unable to go or do anything however I was there experiencing this quite unique process.  It was real, very real to me, however I was also in limbo and these were nothing days that to everyone else really did not matter.  This stasis I felt like I had little if no control of my fate or movement which compared to the fortunate life I have lead is quite the opposite.

I am not sure I have really come to terms or understood what or how this may affect or influence my work.  However I leave for Armenia where I will spend the next six weeks on residency.  I feel that some of the experiences I have undergone may start to filter into some of the investigations I make in the coming weeks.


So Catriona Gallagher and myself wrapped up our time here on the SNEHTA residency with a small exhibition titled Unsettled Certainties.  Over the two days we had some interesting conversations with people we had met and others we had not from our time here in Athens.  It was a great way to finish our two months and hopefully will see either of us or both returning sooner rather than later.  I will post some images over the coming week.  For now here is a little GIF teaser from a sign piece I made which is the start of a new series of work titled “Concept Of Since”.



This Saturday I will be giving a talk about my practice and current research here in Athens.  Fellow resident Catriona Gallagher and myself will be giving short talks alongside opening up the studio for those that want to come and have a look see at to what we have been upto.

Here is the SNEHTA press release:


Snehta invites you to “Novel Reflections”, an open-studio and talks event by our current resident artists, Catriona Gallagher and Dickie Webb. Catriona and Dickie will each give a 20 minute presentation of their practice and research interests during their time in Athens. Throughout the evening the flat will function as an open studio so we welcome everyone to come and explore the artists’ research and creative practices.

Dickie will discuss his attraction to the liminal qualities within heterotopias and non-places and how these anthropomorphic spaces are utilised as metaphors. He will use past and present research of the Athenean landscape as a means to highlight the potential for looking forward and seeing post-since, making the most of the liminal space as a creative foundation in his practice. Dickie’s title for this presentation is: “Searching For Other And Finding Since”.

Catriona will discuss root ideas that have inspired her practice, from airfields and ports to weeds and floorboards, and examine ideas from previous work about preservation and heritage in light of her findings in Athens.

Snehta promotes and facilitates local and international artists through its residency and exhibitions programmes in Kypseli, Athens. Artists and other thinkers are selected through an open call to spend two months researching in Athens. Snehta stands for the name of the City of Athens written in reverse. This name metaphorically suggests that the artists involved are to rediscover Athens by reading and translating it alternatively. We emphasize for the programme and the resident artists to bring a renewed awareness of Athens to the audience through the works produced, exhibitions and events. The programme’s mission is to educate by spreading contemporary art practice whilst expanding artistic practices that present elements of innovation and experimentation.

SNEHTA, Aghias Zonis 1, Kypseli; Bell: A. Veinoglou, 2nd Floor ||

Facebook Event Click Here




Last night we made our way to an art opening at the Benaki Museum.  The exhibition Home/s was a group show of new media works by artist from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.  The exhibition was far more than I expected.  I even had an odd moment of watching a film work and only half way through realising it was an artist I had been researching earlier in the year.  Suddenly witnessing it in its film format rather than the film stills and text description, Ergin Çavuşoğlu – Liminal Crossing, 2009.  Two other works also really stood out for me one was NullPointerConstant, Internet Noise as a Structure, 2013 and Borjana Ventzislavova – Migration Standards, 2011.  The overall curation of the exhibition was really incredible, fitting new media works alongside each other can be difficult at best but with this show the works though close together all seemed to be read with enough space to stand as individual works yet work as a conversation.

Home/s – Benaki Museum October 11th – November 17th 2013

Webiste Click Here

I go through phases of reading, I have never been a big reader of books, information yes but never whole books.  Whilst the last four years I have had to read books as part of my studies I am still no better.  Now being on an art residency where it is neither work or study I have a different desire again maybe not for whole books but I do feel an air of calm, less rush to do and time to enjoy doing.  The residency has a wee couple of bookshelves which on closer inspection have some really good books. Either someone has similar interests or the books define a time where artists like myself are engaging with similar issues.



This book by Marc Augé is one that I read parts and back to front for my dissertation.  Now its another read altogether and great to re-read parts that I have and to learn more about an area that has been informing my practice for some time.  Elements of this will allow me to bounce ideas with forthcoming sites that I consider and interact with for new sound works.  I may also try and find a book shop here in Athens where I can find some texts by Georges Perec.  I feel they would be good to read now free from writing and making work within a university setting.

I also did bring one book with me that I picked up whilst on exchange in New York whilst studying a sound art and interactive installation elective run by Liz Philips.  This was a big influence on where my thoughts have been in the last year and I hope now on this residency that I can pursue some of those ideas to a more finalised outcome.  The book has excellent texts by many different purveyors of sound music and art – Audio Culture



I will see what new books I end up reading whilst here in Athens.

Acropolis Ancient Agora


Well the day actually arrived and I am now here in Athens where I will be for the next two months.  The SNEHTA Artist Residency is based in Kypseli right in the heart of Athens and I will be sharing the apartment with Catriona Gallagher a fellow UK artist who also graduated from Edinburgh College of Art.  Our time at the residency is going to allow us both to pursue new works and areas of research and it will be interesting to see the outcome of our times here.  However today was spent doing what everyone should and that is see the sites Athens is known for.


Lamp Street P1170625


000032 000036I have a thing for signage and billboards.  The simplicity of communicating ideas from these roadside hoardings.  With Elliott Burns work of vacant billboards in Thailand you are left with the sheer beauty of the design themselves sans any commercial context.  Elliott Burns took this series whilst on residency ComPeung Artist Residency.  I came across his work as he has just been accepted to athens Snehta artist residency program in Athens.  It will be interesting to see what he produces whilst there.

Elliott Burns Website here