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PNEM Sound Art Festival – Interactive Visual Art

On Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 November 2015, the platform new experimental music the fifth international Pnem Sound Art Festival 2015 with live, video and audio performances by artists from home and abroad. The Pnem Sound Art Festival offers a stage for musicians and artists that are located on the cutting edge of sound, music and new media. The organisers hope through the festival an international platform for the development and implementation of new experimental music and graphic art.

To the public is also an active and participatory role. How’s your food? Take a walk in the woods with as a guide by yourself a soundscape selected or listen to the music via the app. In the context of 10 years klankenbos (be) and 5 YEARS PNEM FESTIVAL (NL) created a soundartist Bart Van Dongen in cooperation with app-Developer Yvan van der sanden an interactive GPS composition for two locations, the looppiste in Lubbock and The old velodrome of Belgian refugees in uden. The listen app gets a permanent nature, in Belgium as part of the world war I and in the Netherlands klankroute a luisterwandeling by the maashorst.

PNEM Sound Art Festival
14.11.15 | 19:30 h till 23:00 H | € 15, buy tickets
15.11.15 | 12:00 h till 17.00 h | FREE
Theater to peak
Pnemstraat 1
5406 xa uden…/interactieve-klankkunst-op-pnem-…

PNEM Program

Saturday 14 Nov. LIVE
20:00 Official opening of the PNEM Sound Art Festival
20:15 PushPull (DE) – Balgerei 
20:30 Ken Byers (UK) – Movement-Interactive
21:00 The Feedback Gents (DE) – Out Of The Wilds
21:30 Pause
22:00 Renzo Spiteri (MT) – Quintessence
22:30 PushPull (DE) – Balgerei
22:45 End

Sunday 15 Nov. LIVE
12:00 Official opening of PNEM Sound Art Maashorst
13:00 Stichting COM (NL) – Bezette Stad Revisited – theater
13:30 Bart van Dongen (NL) – Workshop – studio
14:00 PushPull (DE) – Balgerei – theater
14:30 Bart van Dongen (NL) – Live performance – studio
15:00 Renzo Spiteri (MT) – Quintessence – theater
15:30 Radio Approxim (NL) – Mother Flockers – studio
16:00 Studium:Stadt (DE) – To see with your ears and… – theater
16:30 End

Interactive installation
12:00-16:00 Lex Raijmakers (NL) – Roots – near the studio
12:00-16:00 Alan Dormer (IE) – Thishearbeast – outdoor theater

• La Cosa Preziosa (IE) – The edge of the world 1’44
• Julian Scordato (IT) – Vision II 7’00
• Dickie Webb (UK) – U DYS HET 7’19
• Matthew Schoen (CA) – Vehicles CA 9″30
• Osvaldo Cibils (IT) – N°1-5 installation on monitor 2’31

PNEM Sound Art Maashorst – WoodWalk Experience 2.0
• Alan Dunn (UK) – The Black Forest 2’30
• Barry O’Halloran (IE) – Triptych 6’22
• Bart van Dongen (NL) – Gelukzoekers, zo noemen ze ons
• David Prescott-Steed (AU) – Miscommunication Solo 9’05
• David Rogers (UK) – Dungeness Tower 3’32
• Katherine Trimble (USA) – We’re Not Gonna Make It 9’03
• Osvaldo Cibils (IT) – Soundart 29 april 2015h 3’30
• Sam Marshall (UK) – Caught In Transmission 6’53
• Sandrine Deumier + Alx P.op (FR) – Mdr_test508 2’38
•Simón Pérez (AR) – Las Cifras y Las Palabras 8’00

Nog enkele kaartjes voor zaterdagavond beschikbaar:…/…/kaartjes-tickets/

One Action Ones Actions Poster




An Art Installation By Dickie Webb

Exploring A Sites Relationship With Community

2nd June 2013 – 11am-4pm

HUT 64

Cultybraggan Camp

Comrie – Perthshire.

 One Action, Ones Actions is a new work by Edinburgh based artist Dickie Webb.  The interactive sculpture, installed within the Cultybraggan Camp near Comrie, Perthshire responds to the sites history and seeks to visualise the ongoing relationship to the nearby community of Comrie.

On the 2nd of June 2,000 bouncy balls will fall from the centre of Hut 64, an A listed Nissen Hut first used to house Prisoners of War in WWII.  The 2,000 represents the local population, individuals which form a community.  The movement of the bouncing balls through the space highlights their individual journeys.  These objects interact with mobile structures and stationary balls present within the confines of Hut 64.  The individual balls start to operate as a whole rather than isolated entity as more of them enter the space.  It is this interplay of time and motion of objects that One Action, Ones Actions explores.  An unknown performance choreographed by chance and prior actions.



Cultybraggan Camp is currently owned and operated by the Comrie Development Trust (CDT).  It was first used as a prisoner of war (PoW) camp during WWII housing different levels of German and conscripted soldiers.  Since WWII the camp has seen a variety of uses Army Training centre, Royal Observer Corps (ROC) when a nuclear bunker was built on the site and also as a Regional Government Headquarters.  The local community benefits from the regeneration of the camp by the opportunities for small businesses, sports and recreation areas and renewable energy biodiversity strategies.  One Action, Ones Actions is part of an Open Day organised by CDT celebrating the past, present and future of Cultybraggan.


Dickie Webb – Within my work I try to echo human qualities that are present in discovered spaces; anthropomorphising vacated structures and overlooked objects.  By creating unique forms and sensory-based installations I consider what is past the obvious, discovering hidden potential within these objects and spaces.

I am currently preoccupied with whether it is possible to create a heterotopia within a liminal space?  Installing metaphorical objects within site-specific spaces creating suggestions of somewhere or nowhere, allowing the viewer to move between the real and the virtual.  These heterotopias transport the audience from the here and now, re-engaging the viewers with prior knowledge to complete the story.




01_cover daan roosegaarde_popup

I while back I came across some work by Daan Roosegaarde.  The book is a must for those that are at all interested in interactive installations.  The inventiveness of Roosegaardes practice is truly original.  I would like to suggest favourite parts to the book but rather will suggest just reading it from cover to cover.  Here is a link to his website as well click