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The Hidden Passengers

‘From the press release’

Productivity and growth are the philosophical premises of the present day. Working processes are being optimized to increase efficiency, working hours are being deregulated until the distinction between work and leisure time disappears. Artistic work seems to follow other criteria, but in this field too professionalisation and self-optimisation are on the rise. But what would happen if ‘doing nothing’ or ‘inaction’ were to become a source of inspiration for a refusal to produce.

New Ways of Doing Nothing devotes itself to a form of artistic production that opposes activity, doing and manufacturing, and instead gives an affirmative slant to forms of doing nothing, of refraining or asceticism. Here, refraining from something not only leads to a critical moment but also a creative one. New Ways of Doing Nothing – the title derives from Swedish artist Karl Holmqvist – focuses on positions in contemporary art in which ‘doing nothing’ generates its own potential with respect to the requirements (and impositions) of a society that concentrates on activity and productivity: for example in Natalie Czech’s variation on a diary entry by the Russian avant-garde poet Daniil Charms, who in 1937 noted: “Today I Wrote Nothing. Doesn’t Matter.”

Artists: Robert Breer, Alejandro Cesarco, Etienne Chambaud, Natalie Czech, Oskar Dawicki, Edith Dekyndt, Mathias Delplanque, Heinrich Dunst, Gardar Eide Einarsson, Marina Faust, Claire Fontaine, Ryan Gander, Lasse Schmidt, Hansen, Julia Hohenwarter, Karl Holmqvist, Sofia Hultén, Jiri Kovanda, Rivane Neuenschwander, George Perec/Bernard Queysanne, Superflex, Mario Garcia, Torres a. o.


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October 4th – November 3rd, 2013


260 Johnson Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11206
tel 347 746 8457

I received an invite to this new exhibition opening at Signal Gallery in New York.  The exhibition is of sculptor John Dante Bianchis’ work.  The works both floor and wall based work well together and seem to evoke an ongoing conversation.  I wish I got a chance to see this in person and will keep an eye out for works in future exhibitions.  I think it is the feeling his works are still in process which pulls me back to have another look.  Further works on his website give me a similar feeling and suggest works that are part of a journey maybe nearly there or some way off.  Click here to see webiste

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web close up 2 dickie webb newhaven station

Today was the final push to finish installing works for the exhibition opening tomorrow night.  The partly renovated Newhaven Station has had its moments in the last two weeks.  Though luckily no break ins or flooding.  We have battled through the cold and the lack of power to hopefully put together a good show.  These images are taken from two installations that I have made alongside other sculptural works.  I will post further photos of the works and also those by Richard Taylor and Claudia de la Pena.

close up 3 dickie webb newhaven station close up 1 dickie webb newhaven station

deschenes_01 deschenes_04 deschenes_05 deschenes_08


Liz Deschene is known for her photographic works and more specifically her work with photograms.  These right angle works in her current exhibition at Sucession, look metallic in appearance are actually two long photograms joined together.  She plays with the rooms architecture and the way the works are exhibited.  The works disrupt the design of the room something that I am experimenting currently within my own work.  This effect draws the viewer in whilst also drawing them out to respect the space they are presented within.  This discourse between the works and the architecture is incredible.

I have come across the work of Carlos Bunga in the past and even though I have not see these large scale architectural installations in person they have always spoken to me in different ways.  His first US solo show titled: Metamorphosis explored constructive and deconstructive processes in both positive ways.  The performative elements of his installations provide a connected with the audience and create a constant dialogue with artist, viewer and site.

Over the last few days I have been researching further his process and I became interested in his smaller objects and sculptures that he has created.  They have a different conversation with me compared to his larger works and intrigue me how the size and application of these altered forms have a different presence.