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Acropolis Ancient Agora


Well the day actually arrived and I am now here in Athens where I will be for the next two months.  The SNEHTA Artist Residency is based in Kypseli right in the heart of Athens and I will be sharing the apartment with Catriona Gallagher a fellow UK artist who also graduated from Edinburgh College of Art.  Our time at the residency is going to allow us both to pursue new works and areas of research and it will be interesting to see the outcome of our times here.  However today was spent doing what everyone should and that is see the sites Athens is known for.


Lamp Street P1170625

1 20m web

1,20m,  2013

C-print On Fujifilm Archival Paper- Mounted on PVC

dry reflection web

Dry Reflection,  2013

C-print On Fujifilm Archival Paper- Mounted on PVC

Low Tide web

Low Tide,  2013

C-print On Fujifilm Archival Paper- Mounted on PVC

no floats web

No Floats,  2013

C-print On Fujifilm Archival Paper- Mounted on PVC

Paused Inflatable web

Paused Inflatable,  2013

C-print On Fujifilm Archival Paper- Mounted on PVC

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I am currently in the closing stages of my degree here at Edinburgh College of Art.  Final casts are being made for the pieces I intend to present in the degree show that opens end of May 2013. Georgina Boltons’ work from last year at ECA and her degree show springs to mind when I see work that was successful and its good to see her work currently on show at the RSA New Contemporaries in Edinburgh.  If you cannot make it to the RSA show then have a look at Georgina’s blog and website to see further works. Click Here


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This past weekend I had a small exhibition of my text and sign work that is an ongoing part of my practice.  These works capture my thoughts and allow me to process ideas prior to abstraction or larger realisations.  The exhibition really helped me back this work instead of separating it from my sculptural works.  I feel elements from my text work will gradually work its way into some of my sculptures in the future.