Paradigm Electronic Arts, Summerhall 5-13 March


I know I have been quiet the last few months whilst on residency at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshops.  I have just moved out but I am still in Edinburgh as I am installing a new work as part of Paradigm Electronic Arts Exhibition at Summerhall in Edinburgh.  I am really grateful for this exhibition as the timing is perfect and to see some of the works that I will be exhibiting alongside makes me feel honoured for being selected.  The exhibition opens this Friday and then is open for just over a week.  There are 40 artists involved and the show will be truly interactive with works varying from VR and projection mapping to works that take you back to 90’s raving.  The senses will be taken on a journey with this show.

Here is a link to the website and also the Facebook event page:

The work I am installing is called ‘Fence In’ and is a new piece that builds on previous glitch works that I have made in Athens and Yerevan. This work combines those glitch techniques with field recordings from here in Edinburgh.  Here is a link to the synopsis:


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