Into The Wild – Professional Development Residency


I have been pretty quiet on the updates over the past few months however I recently flew back from New Zealand to attend the Into The Wild Professional Development Residency at Chisenhale Art Place.

First day was last Monday and it continues for the next seven Mondays before reconvening for a three month residency period in March.

I definitely excited and motivated about this opportunity even more so after the first day.  Meeting the organisers, mentors, curators and fellow artists its jut what I need I feel right now.  Balancing my work overseas in the Snowsports industry means that I sometimes require this immersion back in the art world to get my feet going again.

It will be interesting to see what transpires from this series of events and the collaborations that evolve.  I am sure there will be some exhibitions and happenings that will develop my own understanding and art practice.

Watch this space.


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