Reclaiming The Unseen – Valentin Ruhry



réclamer – Valentin Ruhry Solo Exhibition

Dates: 16.05.2013 – 02.06.2013

@KM K,

Burgring 2
8010 Graz


01_RUHRY_reclamer_5184 x 3456-13_7845 07_RUHRY_reclamer_3456 x 5184-12_7828-a7deba31 12_RUHRY_reclamer_3456 x 5184-01_7921-af997bf3dsc_2747.jpg__500x0_q85

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of seeing Valentin Ruhry talk about his practice at the Urban Lightscapes Symposium here in Athens.  He talked about his use of light as a medium and how he is still a sculptor yet light is one of the mediums he works with.  Without light do actual works of art exist when the lights are switched off at the end of the day/exhibition.  What is left if the work cannot be seen?  He spoke about how his interest in light works came about by making the unseen visible.  His current show “réclamer” exhibits naked illuminated advertising signs.  The works were made purely to display the form and materiality of these signs without meaning.  Though with such artwork once installed the power of their natural presence prompted discourse around the political meaning these structures and forms invoked.

For me they remind me of the power of no advertising and an urgency to look past what is push in front of our view and daily experience. Rather to look to what is not obvious and seek an alternate perspective on our situation and landscape.

Ruhrys’ website ( provides a resource for his other works and projects.  It is pretty extensive so take your time and have a look through his work.  Here are a few examples of his other works:


forgive_me_2007_ruhry-0f9b48b2 hello_world_02_front-62d6e451 obs_1-0e2ed725 RUHRY-Falsche_Universalismen_2012_24_5283-b542b3ee RUHRY-Position_2012_01_4605-28520eeb RUHRY-radikale_transparenz_2011_01_5361-10a036e0

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