Learning to three point turn in an abandoned airport.




A lot of my research and hence exploits take place on foot, some planned others accidental.  My time here in Athens has been a mixture of both and will continue as such yet it is the accidental meetings with places and people that really strike a chord.  Two days ago after failing to find a place that wasn’t even open if I had I ended up riding the red line here on the Metro.  The metro in Athens to be honest is impeccable, marble floors and clean stations with a real mellow stress free flow, I guess that comes from being a modern addition yet enjoyable none the less.  I ended riding from one end of the line to the other which took just over half an hour.  I got out and only knew that at this station there was an area on the map that had barely any residential properties as I had done little well to honest no research.. I started walking I ended up coming across Ellinikon the old now abandoned international airport of Athens.  Probably the same airport I flew in to back in the 90’s with a school trip.


Exploring the outside of this building and vast support structures it was surreal.  A place so common with human activity void of anyone bar the one security guard and his trusty dogs running around the airstrip chasing pigeons.  The only other frequenters of this place seemed to be the mums and dad teaching their young ones to drive.  Using the endless road systems as practice for the urban roadways.  Ironic a little as if you have experienced Athens you will know the driving really is cut throat and nerves of steel are required to hold it together as scooters, trucks and cars vie for room and right of way.  Though this serene heterotopic space exists and functions as I do not know.  I have since been told it occasionally gets used for trade fairs for large ships etc due to the size of it.  However it currently seems fit for a Walking Dead film set due to its apocalyptic atmosphere.

It has been closed since 2001 and is the source of many new hopes and plans yet none are yet confirmed and hardly likely to considering the current economic climate.  However for me this is an ideal source for some new work and I will take some time and future visits whilst here to see what potential I may extract or filter from this site.


P1180206 P1180223 P1180228 P1180253 P1180299 P1180321 P1180347

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