Sound Patches Visualised – Photography of Martin Klimas

Recently I read an article on Feature Shoot about Martin Klimas and his new series of works Sound Explosions.  These works are step on from his past work where he was photographing liquids colour jumping and dancing to sound waves.  Here is how he explains these new works.

Sound Explosions by Martin Klimas
This series of photographs should be considered as a continuation of Klimas previous work Sonic Sculptures. Klimas is still concerned with finding out what music looks like, all the while trying to make the process of musical production visible. For Sound Explosions, he asked several musicians to work on short sound sequences, so called patches, using analogue synthesizers made between 1930 and 1990. Klimas shows those synthesizers with all their wires and cables, to give people an idea of the complexity of the sounds he is working with. He then replays the patches on his set, using pigments in place of liquid colors this time. He puts up the volume and lets the colors explode.

Here is a link to Klimas website click here

Also feel free to read the article on Feature Shoot

martin_klimas_02 martin_klimas_09 martin_klimas_10 martin_klimas_11


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