HOME/S – An Exhibition of ArtUP!




Last night we made our way to an art opening at the Benaki Museum.  The exhibition Home/s was a group show of new media works by artist from Bulgaria, Greece and Turkey.  The exhibition was far more than I expected.  I even had an odd moment of watching a film work and only half way through realising it was an artist I had been researching earlier in the year.  Suddenly witnessing it in its film format rather than the film stills and text description, Ergin Çavuşoğlu – Liminal Crossing, 2009.  Two other works also really stood out for me one was NullPointerConstant, Internet Noise as a Structure, 2013 and Borjana Ventzislavova – Migration Standards, 2011.  The overall curation of the exhibition was really incredible, fitting new media works alongside each other can be difficult at best but with this show the works though close together all seemed to be read with enough space to stand as individual works yet work as a conversation.

Home/s – Benaki Museum October 11th – November 17th 2013

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