A return to books..

I go through phases of reading, I have never been a big reader of books, information yes but never whole books.  Whilst the last four years I have had to read books as part of my studies I am still no better.  Now being on an art residency where it is neither work or study I have a different desire again maybe not for whole books but I do feel an air of calm, less rush to do and time to enjoy doing.  The residency has a wee couple of bookshelves which on closer inspection have some really good books. Either someone has similar interests or the books define a time where artists like myself are engaging with similar issues.



This book by Marc Augé is one that I read parts and back to front for my dissertation.  Now its another read altogether and great to re-read parts that I have and to learn more about an area that has been informing my practice for some time.  Elements of this will allow me to bounce ideas with forthcoming sites that I consider and interact with for new sound works.  I may also try and find a book shop here in Athens where I can find some texts by Georges Perec.  I feel they would be good to read now free from writing and making work within a university setting.

I also did bring one book with me that I picked up whilst on exchange in New York whilst studying a sound art and interactive installation elective run by Liz Philips.  This was a big influence on where my thoughts have been in the last year and I hope now on this residency that I can pursue some of those ideas to a more finalised outcome.  The book has excellent texts by many different purveyors of sound music and art – Audio Culture



I will see what new books I end up reading whilst here in Athens.


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