Chuck Palahniuk

Whilst I deliberate about packing my bags which seems like the only thing I have done in the past three weeks, I came across this Q and A with the writer Chuck Palahniuk on Reddit.  It struck a chord as I feel it is something I have done especially with past sculptural works.  I certainly can see a similarity on how a certain idea or interest can drive you nuts.

To begin a new novel, I look for the biggest problem in my life that I can’t solve or tolerate. Something that drives me nuts, but I can’t fix. Then I find a metaphor that allows me to explore the problem, exaggerating and expanding it beyond reason. I build it up to the worst scenario possible and then find a way to solve it. By the time the book is done, I’ve exhausted all of my emotions around the original problem. Whatever it was, it no longer bothers me. And typically, during the time of writing, the problem has resolved itself. It’s like magic. Try it. It will keep you alive in this world of bullshit.

If you would like to read any more of the Q and A then here is the full manuscript HERE


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