Creating a Captial – Photography of Fabrice Fouillet


Fabrice Fouillet is a photographer based in Paris.  His series titled Eurasism documents Kazakstans’ move to create a new capital city.  The works juxtapose the construction of this new capital within the extreme geography that the country inhabits.  The works really seem timeless joining old and new within a landscape that battles with the new.  I came across this series from a post on Aint-Bad Magazine click here.  To see more of Fouillets’ work click here.

Moving a capital city is an important decision. In 1998, Kazakhstan unveiled its new capital and Almaty lost its status to Astana, located 1300 kilometers up North.

As the world’s most recent capital city after Pyinmana(Myanmar), Astana is also the symbol of a new start, a unique initiative in the Post-Soviet region. This colossal project, the challenge to nature that is the construction of a capital city in an extreme climate which requires the laying of specific foundations, shows the will to break up with the past, to implement historic reforms and to encourage an appropriation of identity.

Considerable means have been deployed so that Astana could assume its role as the country’s new showcase city, while promoting the country’s development and insertion
into the global economy… Fabrice_Fouillet_7_650 Fabrice_Fouillet_8_650 Fabrice_Fouillet_9_650 Fabrice_Fouillet_13_650

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