Lessons Learned… Artwork Destroyed

In the world of art you realise as an artist you are sometimes pretty vulnerable and left open to all kinds of so called professionals.  My work has just come back from an exhibition at Six Foot Gallery and as you can see from the photos the works were not really fit to be shipped.  One was damaged on the way to the gallery or so I was told however the gallery did not make any effort to protect the corners of the large scale photographs on their return and now all are scrap.  It is a shame as normally an exhibition is a highlight, a moment to enjoy your work being received by an audience but in this case was soured by the lack of care and concern the gallery took in returning the work.  Always hard to deal with when I am dealing with it remotely whilst working here in New Zealand and the gallery is in Glasgow.  It is a shame and a waste of artworks and money however I guess through these processes we learn and realise that at all costs trust yourself to do as much of the delivering as possible.


P1030360 P1030361 P1030362 P1030364 P1030365 P1030366 P1030369

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