Settling back in…



I am currently getting settled back into New Zealand where I live in Queenstown for the months of June – September.  The winter has been in full force bringing weather systems through and leaving snow across this mountainous region.  My time here always means different levels of compromise balancing an art practice and working on the mountains as a snowboard trainer.  Whilst my time here allows for moments of reflection and consideration about my practice it also inspires, being immersed in an environment that literally responds to mother nature.

I am starting to work on projects that were put on hold whilst in my final semester at Edinburgh College of Art.  I am exploring the potential within RAW data image files and the ability to edit and play these files using audio software.  I plan to create works that will be 2D yet expand through mixing the samples of sound and presenting the glitched images with the original image.  The soundscapes will reflect the space that is seen whilst also what is not.  Whilst at times being rhythmical areas of sound will emerge that will transport the listener/viewer elsewhere past the familiar.

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