ONE ACTION, ONES ACTIONS = Multiple Actions.

270171_10152822194310018_288803994_n 922795_10152822203455018_2140946614_n 936060_10152822197700018_710812965_n 942414_10152822196980018_1264904987_n 942651_10152801625650018_856457616_n 945671_10152822200670018_235966168_n 960124_10152822197525018_1953464207_n 970360_10152822198400018_1190030652_n IMG_1343 tumblr_mnvsa3aqbO1r3y7d2o1_400


Here are some installation shots of ONE ACTION, ONES ACTIONS installation that I created for Cultybraggan PoW Camp Open Day last week.  As you can see the term interactive was a bit of an understatement.  The piece worked well with all ages and the inclusion of 2000 bouncy balls broke down the fear of a solely conceptual piece of work to a participatory environment.  This project has let me consider future works within the public realm as it brings a new view point and set of considerations to the idea development.


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