Global Ghost Towns – Photography Showcase


‘Settlement XI’, Anthony Haughey 2011

Global Ghost Towns: Photography Showcase 23.3.2013 Emma Cummins continues her exploration of contemporary ghost towns by showcasing the work of five artists and photographers. From Anthony Haughey’s images of Ireland’s ‘ghost estates’ to Richard Allenby-Pratt’s photographs of deserted cities in Dubai—the effects of the global economic crisis are revealed in a very visual way. Attracting attention from newspapers such as The Guardian and The New York Times, ‘ghost towns’ are a common architectural landmark across today’s globalised world—but what do these images reveal about neoliberal development? (re-post from Future State Blog)

‘Ibex’, Richard Allenby-Pratt (2011)


From the series ‘Ordos’, Michael Christopher Brown (2010)


From the series ‘Tu Casa es Mi Casa’ (Residencial Francisco Hernando in Sesena), Markel Redondo (2011)

The ghost town in SeseÒa, near Madrid, Spain.

From the series ‘This Is Not A House’, Edgar Martins (2008)


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