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I am currently reflecting on a series of images that I have had printed for my upcoming degree show here at Edinburgh College Of Art.  One of two works that I have in the exhibition is based in a disused waterworld in Leith.  The site has been vacant since April 2012 and has proved to be a perfect location for an exploration into a disremembered space.  The idea of value of such a space is prevalent as the local community is still in discussions to reopen this site to bring back a valued asset to the area of Leith and wider community.  The items introduced to the space could belong yet somehow suggest a belonging to another time, place or society.  The obvious nod to expense in the sense of gold and images printed on credit cards suggests the ongoing debate about the site and also the value we put on our own leisure and escapism.

The two images above are part of the series though are not in the exhibition so give you a little taster of the images that will be the show alongside a new sculpture.  The degree show is open to the public from the 1st of June till the 9th.  If you would like any further information please contact me.





I came across the work of Magali Reus through the blog recently.  The works echo with my own practice with object selection and material awareness.  The standard of finish and composition of Reus’ work is so thoughtful and feels tactile before even being in its presence.  Reus has just completed a solo show in Brussels at Albert Baronian Gallery.  The show title Out Of Empty included the above works and others.  These alongside works that are on Reus’ website show a ongoing fascination with certain objects, materials and surfaces.  On the we-find-wildness blog they describe Reus’ work as:

MAGALI REUS uses common materials such as glass, plastic and aluminium to create complex constellations of works which include sculptures, installations and videos.

REUS‘ pieces defy categorization, straddling the line between recognizable and unrecognizable, finished and unfinished, intuitive and conscious, organic and synthetic. Nevertheless the result is invariably carefully constructed, abstractly composed and assumes forms issuing from reality.

The individual elements are being left as they are, the composition doesn‘t lead into a defined direction, no intrusiveness of meaning is restricting the viewer, instead they rather open up questions and atmospheres. Particularly in REUS‘ work one can comprehend the most famous quote, that the work is created through the viewer.REUS provides the materials.

Click here to visit Magali Reus website


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Dimitri Kozyrev brings together a visual for landscapes that truly explores the potential they contain.  His current work on show at Breese Little Gallery in London at the moment explores real landscapes and those of the mind.  The abstraction of what is there is distorted, twisted amongst the knowns and reference points.  Colliding with vibrant use of colour and graphical composition.  The landscapes feel alive yet hark back to sites of destruction where probably movement has stopped and nature has taken over.  Whilst looking through more work by Dimitri Kozyrev  it was interesting to see the drawings he makes.  These minimal ghost like drawings capture the landscape whilst delivering them as part of a wider blank canvas.  Whilst landscapes are normally large and hard to absorb with one gaze here you can take in a large portion of the landscape but for me it is the inability to take in the blankness, the blurred emptiness that surrounds the drawing.  Incredible work that really does explore elements that I am currently concerned with in my own practice.  If you would like to see more work by Dimitri Kozyrev either visit Breese Little Gallery, Kozyrev exhibition is on till the 1st of June or click here to visit his website