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BLDG BLOG posted this work titled A Small Area of Land (Kaka‘ako Earth Room) by Sean Connelly recently which had been installed in Honolulu at a gallery called ii Gallery.  This earth prism created out of 32,000 pounds of volcanic soil and coral sand stands at 7′ tall and 9′ long.  It has a dramatic angled side that is cut in accordance to align with the sun and moon on a specific day in Hawaii’s calendar.  To read more please visit BLDG BLOG.


ASAOL_final-01-sean-connelly ASAOL_final-02-sean-connelly
This work by Sean Connelly reminds me of the Walter De Maria Earth Room in the DIA Center in New York.  The power of installing what surrounds us inside our manmade structures has an incredible resonance with myself and others.  Whilst Sean Connelly’s work references the valued commodities of Hawaii dirt and sand and how these can highlight environmental decline of these islands.  I feel the Earth Room in NYC reflects more global concerns.  Though both works are meditative and really deliver such simple root material in a way that they manage to rise above their sometimes forgotten status. With Sean Connelly’s piece it is only temporary and it shows signs of cracking and falling apart.  This allowance of a work to deconstruct is quite powerful and something I admire, where an artist allows for a work to undo itself.  This silent performance by the material and construction speaks loudly about concerns about the environment we exist within.  Similarly with Walter de Marias’ Earth Room the ongoing upkeep of this room is an incredible endurance of a work.  The custodian in charge not only there to monitor and educate those who visit but also to be watch full of an work that people insist on disrupting either obviously or slightly underhand.

DIA Foundation





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