The Blind Beast – Michel Le Belhomme

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Aint Bad Magazine is featuring work of the French artist, Michel Le Belhomme and his series titled, The Blind Beast.  These works transform mans living space into an object displaying the harmony with nature yet documents its dramatic return to savagery.  With his series “The Blind Beast” Michel Le Belhomme tackles mans delicate and painful loss and sometimes partial destruction of home questioning an ongoing nightmare of current Man.

“This work is indeed pertinent because of its power of suggestion – for nothing is said directly – which takes us from the personal anecdote to the existential anguish that is more universal: no one is safe from the swell that can carry us both towards reason and towards delirium. Beware of the inner storm!”

michel_lebelhomme_01_650 michel_lebelhomme_07_650

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