Heterotopia = Hetero: the other, otherness. Topos: the place

Hétérotopie #HEFMI

Vincent J Stoker takes us on tours through photographic heterotpias.  Transporting us through our own ability to construct stories from past experiences and understandings.  His choice of locations leave us guessing as to whether we are early or just a little late for the moment.  Though sites of interaction or utopian ideals they seem off kilter and out of place from how I minds perceive them.

Heterotopias can be defined negatively, by what they are not. Here and nowhere, they are neither real, nor utopian but both at the same time. Places out of all places but still recorded on maps, they are the physical locations of utopias, utopias that have become matter. Their first principle of otherness is that they have an ambiguous relation to reality.

Vincent J Stoker

To read more or to see more photographs please click here

Hétérotopie #IEGDII Hétérotopie #IEGDII


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