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This week I am installing a small exhibition of what I term my text and sign work, TEXT: AS.  Part of this show I will be exhibiting new works that I recently made based on my time visiting Christchurch, New Zealand.  I had my last summer in Christchurch in 2000/2001 since then I have passed through Christchurch each year on my seasonal travels to the snow.  The year I returned after the two huge earthquakes I was pretty struck by the sense of destruction and removal of a centre.  The other day I came across an Australian photographer Wouter Van de Voorde and his series titled “Sisterland” which seemed just fitting in so many ways.  The images three years on since the earthquakes still show the scars and the emptiness left by such a huge force of nature.  The softness of the photos though give you a sense of being there again or witnessing the time and space in person.  Please take a look at Wouter Van de Voorde blog and website as his work has a really good craft and eye to it.  Website and Blog


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Liz Deschene is known for her photographic works and more specifically her work with photograms.  These right angle works in her current exhibition at Sucession, look metallic in appearance are actually two long photograms joined together.  She plays with the rooms architecture and the way the works are exhibited.  The works disrupt the design of the room something that I am experimenting currently within my own work.  This effect draws the viewer in whilst also drawing them out to respect the space they are presented within.  This discourse between the works and the architecture is incredible.

Last week I was part of a final year group exhibition that took place at Whitespace gallery here in Edinburgh.  The work I proposed was un-tried and un-tested yet I hoped would work.  Half an hour prior to the opening I made the decision that it was too late in the day to get the mechanics to function the way I had intended so decided to just hang the piece sans-movement.  This failure to install was something that I for some reason seemed ok with.  Whether it was because throughout the day there had been many warnings or compromises I am not sure however I seemed to gain a sense of elation from not completing a project as hoped.  This new feeling is something that has played on my mind this past week whilst the show was open and on de-installing the show today I still have no regrets.  I think this process of failing to complete has actually taught me more than if I were to have installed the work as hoped.  Maybe similar to life in snowboarding where to learn anything new you first have to accept the fact there will be many failures is what I am used to and now experiencing with an actual project.  Maybe also that I feel that I am challenging my process to the point where I am not able to become detached from the work as its still requires focus and thorough planning.  I will overcome these problems that I have encountered and hope the lessons learned have progressed the work not just in resolving problems but actually physically working with a space and being able to envision the project from a new perspective.  I am not seeking to fail however it is refreshing to learn so much from one such small project.  The world did not end and I will keep on making so whats the worst that can happen.


Recently I have been working on data bending RAW photographs through a sound program called Audacity.  I am trying to push the sounds I create and see it being a live performance if I am able to find the right software to deliver this process.  In a sense I am trying to expand the spaces I experience and then literally expose a further space or element within a captured 2D image to represent the existence of that which is hidden within.  I am currently trying to learn and explore Pure Data and Processing as possible means to develop these early ideas.  Whilst doing this I came across a lot of artists and new media whizz kids who are exploring what seems to be titled sonification.  There are many different outputs and realisations of this genre and one favourite so far is this piece by Dennis P Paul

Here is his website