Sisterland – Christchurch three years on by Wouter Van de Voorde

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This week I am installing a small exhibition of what I term my text and sign work, TEXT: AS.  Part of this show I will be exhibiting new works that I recently made based on my time visiting Christchurch, New Zealand.  I had my last summer in Christchurch in 2000/2001 since then I have passed through Christchurch each year on my seasonal travels to the snow.  The year I returned after the two huge earthquakes I was pretty struck by the sense of destruction and removal of a centre.  The other day I came across an Australian photographer Wouter Van de Voorde and his series titled “Sisterland” which seemed just fitting in so many ways.  The images three years on since the earthquakes still show the scars and the emptiness left by such a huge force of nature.  The softness of the photos though give you a sense of being there again or witnessing the time and space in person.  Please take a look at Wouter Van de Voorde blog and website as his work has a really good craft and eye to it.  Website and Blog


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