We’re Being Kept Informed as the Situation Unfolds – Ben Washington

Pic2aBen Washingtons’ installation ‘We’re Being Kept Informed as the Situation Unfolds’ 2010.  Which was part of the The Utopian Airport Lounge, Group Show, Amman, Jordan.  lets you perceive a structure amongst others.  A place or building that is clear as the light of day yet is out of place surreal within its setting.  The texts that accompany the documentation refer to Marc Auges’ concept of non-place a never ending reevaluation of our relationship to space and place.  Similar questions and conversations are current within my own praxis as I try to visualise new work after a period of in-depth research.

Here are the texts and also a link to his website

There is non-place in every place, and in all non-places places can be recomposed. To put it another way, places and non-places, while they correspond to physical spaces, are also a reflection of attitudes, positions, the relations individuals have with the spaces they live in or move through.
-Marc Auge

The Utopian Airport Lounge is a public art exhibition inspired by Le Corbusier’s visual and abstract approach towards utopia in combination with Marc Auge’s hypothesis on non-place. It has three main components, the city of Amman in comparison to a waiting area, pass over place or in this case the airport lounge, for those in waiting (even permanently so); second, what the city of Amman, like airports are ‘trying’ to achieve in the sense of utopian idealism, through the social and even architectural structure and third, if one dares to compare a city to an Airport Lounge that some could consider searching for utopianism, what happens to the counter argument that an airport is a ‘non-place?’

Extract from press release by Juliana Smith (curator ‘The Utopian Airport Lounge’)



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