Michael Asher – 1943-2012 – Legacy he has left…

Michael Asher, Galerie Toselli, Milan, 1973

The new e-flux journal email arrived in my inbox today giving an outline of the current contents.  I was a little shocked to read that Michael Asher had passed away and Michael Baers had written an article about his life and works.  I came across Michael Asher last year whilst reading about his Institutional Critiques at CalArts that would run for hours and hours.  I am sure these have left a huge impact on the students that experienced this.  Having been in art critiques at art college its hard to sometimes think of critiques lasting so many hours as sometimes an hour and half is almost punishable.  To hear that there are critiques that last for hours at a time makes me think there is hope and also rethink how critiques are run.  I still have no answers and unfortunately will never experience a critique by Michael Asher which is a shame.  However after reading about his critiques I started to read about his work and ideas such as situational aesthetics, realising how his approach to artwork will continue to affect my thought process throughout my life as an art practitioner.

Here is a link to Michael Baers article in e-flux.click


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