Essence of existence

Over the past thirty years, my thoughts have followed a single line, in many parallel ways. lt can be summarized in a single question: what is the place of one person – any individual – in the complex, ever-changing landscape of the world? lt is a question without a fixed or universal answer. Still it must be asked. Answers, however provisional, must be attempted. This is particularty urgent for the apportioning and use of space, which every person needs, and which the work of architecture explicitly provides. The installations I have designed and made in collaboration with others explore the phenomena of change in material and spatial terms.  They work within already strong sites in order to expose these sites’ latent dynamism and the forces hidden within their stability leading to inevitable transformation.
The aim is not to disturb the stability, but to provide strategies for adaptation when transformation occurs. Even more, they celebrate change and the energies driving it, as the essence of existence.
Lebbeus Woods –

Since reading the book Irresistible Decay earlier this month and stumbling across a quote by Lebbeus Woods I have started to see his influence on multiple areas of my research.  So much so I visited his website to read further.  It is moments like that then sometimes shine a light on why certain people and thinkers keep intersecting with your research.  His quote (above) that is on his website about his work really found a resonance with my outlook and allowed me to relax as to why certain elements of his practice cross paths with mine.  The last two sentences in particular find me reflecting on past and present projects…


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