A House Of Leaves @ DRAF


Alison Wilding Airboxed, 2010 Stainless steel and cast resin balloons.

‘A House Of Leaves’ Exhibition in three parts and epilogue came to my attention due to the title being taken from Mark Z. Danielewski’s infamous novel.  The exhibition is being curated by Vincent Honoré, Director and Curator of David Roberts Arts Foundation (DRAF).  Here is the outline from the DRAF website:

“A House of Leaves is an exhibition imagined as an experience of time: the exhibition will change constantly, the experience will never be the same, with works being replaced by others to gradually alter the general context and naturally evolve from one movement to the next. The title references US novelist Mark Z. Danielewski’s eponymous novel in which different storylines, told in different styles, intertwine. The story is centred around a house which keeps changing and in which the interior dimensions become larger than its exterior over time. Much like in Danielewski’s novel, A House of Leaves borrows different languages, tells multiple narratives in different ways, and asks its viewer to become co-author in order to present a collective effort to define an art form – in this instance the contemporary art museum, from its collection, displays, special commissions and loans, to its educational and interpretation system. This troubled museum we are creating abandons any authoritarian voice. It reflects a trust and respect for the works the museum is responsible for, to the guests joining the project, and to the visitors engaging with it.”

The format and challenging format of this exhibition provides for a wide range of engagements by viewers.  I hope to see at least one of these movements when I am in London in the New Year.

The first movement is currently running

A House of Leaves – First Movement 12 Oct-15 Nov 2012

Second Movement 16 Nov 2012 — 12 Jan 2013

Third Movement 18 Jan — 16 Feb 2013

Epilogue – 23 Feb 2013

David Roberts Arts Foundation
Symes Mews
London NW1 7JE

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