Perfect Set Of Keys…

This post on BLDG BLOG this week highlights the simplicity of a city..  These keys were put on Ebay recently for sale, some might have just passed over them as just another set of interesting keys however these keys were actually the master keys to New York City!


The keys were bought by an undercover reporter from the Press who went on to check whether the keys were genuine.  To the shock of the reporter most of the keys actually worked..!  Here is some of the comments the reporter went onto say regarding his purchase. All quotes are taken from BLDG BLOG:

The set consists of five keys that would allow control of virtually any elevator in the city, could knock out power to municipal buildings and skyscrapers, darken city streets, open subway gates and some firehouse doors and provide full access to 1 World Trade Center and other construction sites.



The keys include the all-purpose “1620,” a master firefighter key that with one turn could trap thousands of people in a skyscraper by sending all the elevators to the lobby and out of service, according to two FDNY sources. And it works for buildings across the city.
That key also allows one to open locked subway entrances, gain entry to many firehouses and get into boxes at construction jobs that house additional keys to all areas of the site.
The ring sold to The Post has two keys used by official city electricians that would allow access to street lamps, along with the basement circuit-breaker boxes of just about any large building.


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