Seeking Places of Exclusion…

I am in the process of seeking places to collaborate or develop residencies and in turn I am trying to find sites or non-sites that I could work with.  Spaces which are excluded are certainly areas of interest for whatever reason.  The idea of areas being there but not, removal from our view and off limits to our visitation.  Artists projects such as Office of Experiments which is a collaboration between Neal White with Steve Rowell, has been documenting these sites around the UK on their website Overt Research Projects (ORP).  The documentation on this site really makes me think about the sites I chose.

Another artist, Brooke Singer also looks at sites that are also subject to restrictions, her project ‘Sites Unseen’ which followed on from her Superfund365.  In this project Singer visited a toxic site a day which was in the Superfund program run by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  In ‘Sites Unseen’ Singer has chosen to photograph certain sites from the Superfund365 project and document their normality and realness.  These photos are quite haunting as they do not necessarily look dissimilar to other places that are non-toxic.  It is hard as a member of the public to realise the difference between a toxic and non-toxic site.

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